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No more Pretending.
No more Mistakes.
No more Fear.
No Repeating the Past.
No Regrets...

Divorce with Dignity

Better Divorce Blueprint

Your essential guide that teaches you how to prepare and thrive through the hardest chapter of your life.

Better Divorce Blueprint will educate and inspire those contemplating, surviving and healing from high-conflict divorce, until they’re thriving on the other side.

All in a way that saves time, relationships, heartache, and money.

The Better Divorce Blueprint. Your helping hand through divorce.

In Better Divorce Blueprint, You will learn how to....

  • Arm yourself with a tangible step-by-step plan so you can navigate the journey of divorce wisely, and allow yourself the courage to live a better life without regret, fear, resentment, or confusion
  • ​Prepare yourself and your family so you know what to expect while dealing with the different phases of divorce
  • ​Avoid any future legal mistakes that cost you time, money, and additional family relationships, by immersing yourself into the possible network of professionals that will change your life
  • ​Move forward in a healthy manner to clear your mind, prepare, and heal from the pain and loss that you have endured over the years
  • ​Gain the courage to stand up for yourself and be a positive role model for your children, as you’re highly aware they absorb everything they see, hear and feel
  • ​Understand your unique situation and confidently improve your decision-making abilities to face whatever challenges life during and after divorce will bring

Hi, I'm Paulette

The Credentialed Mediator, Certified Divorce Consultant, High Conflict Trauma-Informed Recovery Coach and Career Transition Specialist behind Better Divorce Academy and Author and Creator of the Better Divorce Blueprint Book and Journal.

I help women like you make it to the other side of divorce, stronger, emotionally empowered, and better financially prepared for your future.


Better Divorce Blueprint Journal

Divorce is overwhelming enough without having to deal with all the financial, personal, and legal paperwork. When you are organized, you feel more confident and you are less likely to make costly mistakes. Your Planner helps manage your divorce. Written by Better Divorce Academy, this book brings clarity to the process and empowers you take control of your divorce.

No Matter What Deck of Cards

Keep this beautiful inspirational deck of cards with you to use in times of confusion. This 52 Card Deck is filled with direction to help guide you.

Each card is an opportunity for clarity and focus. Give yourself the gift of 15 minutes weekly (minimum) to spend with the truest part of your self.


8-Module Better Divorce Blueprint Online Course

12 Common Divorce Mistakes

to AVOID and what to do instead.

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